I'm an island girl.

I'm a mom to a bright, funny, indepedent & rambunctious boy.

I'm free-spirited and adventurous.

I eat apples in the shower and love reading books on quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, Eastern mysticism, and spirituality.

I'm an avid Kizomba dancer and love connecting with people.

I'm a novice rock-climber, a yogi wannabe, SUP enthusiast, and pole fitness athlete.

I enjoy playing outside and when not forest bathing, I'll be soaking in blue space at the edge of a river, lake, or the ocean.

I'm a practicing minimalist and enjoy a healthy simple lifestyle.

I love conversations about joy, gratitude, vulnerability & equanimity. 

Photography is my passion.  For the past several years I've built my photography career through countless unforgettable experiences, every moment shaping and guiding me to become a better photographer & person.  I am self taught and am eager to always take on a new challenge with my camera in hand.  I thrive in natural light settings & love using the outdoors as a natural backdrop but also love creating images in studio spaces, being mobile with a traveling backdrop gives me the freedom to setup pretty much anywhere.  My goal is always to make my clients experience and time with me positive and memorable, working with each individual to help bring out and see the best in themselves.  There is true beauty in moments that sometimes only a camera can capture, moments when we are mindfully present with ourselves & unaware of the world around us.

Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find eternity in each moment...


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